How to Wash a Dog Bed


    Washing your dog's cushion is essential to ensure its longevity over time, it reduces the risk of allergies and flea infestation in your dog. The frequency of maintenance of your dog's cushion obviously depends on the type of dirt that is on it, but we recommend that you clean your dog's cushion at least once a month. You have the option of washing it in the washing machine and if that is not possible, you can just wash it by hand.

    If you are wondering how to wash a dog bed by hand or by machine, here are the different steps to follow:  

    Preliminary step: Get rid of hair

    Be sure to remove as much of your dog's hair as possible from the cushion before washing it, this is important so that it does not stick to the wet fabric. There are several ways to do this: the easiest way is to shake your cushion to get rid of the hair and dirt, we advise you to do this step outside your home, to avoid dirtying your interior. If you live in an apartment, a vacuum cleaner will do the job very well; you can also vacuum between washes to keep your dog's cushion clean longer. 

    How to wash a dog bed by hand

    If your dog bed has small stains, you can simply wash it by hand. Soak it in a tub of warm soapy water for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse it with clean water. Very small stains are usually easy to remove with soap. On the other hand, if your cushion has urine or feces stains, you will need to spray it with a stain remover before washing it, which will remove the stains left by your pet.

    Many detergents for washing your dog bed or cushion are sold in pet stores. Be sure to always read the product label and avoid detergents that contain bleach, as they can be harmful to your dog's skin. Also, if bleach is really necessary, choose chlorine-free bleach.

    Once your cushion is washed, you can air dry it. To protect yourself from infection, we recommend that you wear gloves and wash your hands with soap. 

    How to wash a dog bed in the washing machine

    wash dog bed in the machine

    If you have a washing machine, put the entire cushion in your machine (preferably in a front-loading machine). To eliminate any insects or fleas always wash your cushion at a warm temperature, ideally on a gentle or low cycle. Dogs are sensitive to chemicals, so we recommend using a mild detergent to avoid irritation.

    If you have a dog bed that is too big for your machine, then you can clean it in a laundromat or wash it by hand using warm water and soap. 

    For drying you can use a dryer if you have one.  You can choose a low or high temperature if you want your cushion to dry quickly. If you don't have a dryer, you can leave your dog's cushion to dry in the open air, as long as you choose a well-ventilated area to avoid the formation of mildew.

    We also recommend that you always wear gloves and wash your hands with soap to protect yourself from infection.